We painted and expanded!

Greetings, vinyl and music lovers!

Some of you have seen the extra appendage we grew recently, some of you haven’t. One room simply wasn’t enough for our ever growing back stock and repair services. We may be making more changes to our space down the road, so take note!

Fairly soon, we’ll have a web store open to purchase our own Analog Vault branded goods including slipmats, stickers, totes, and t-shirts.

As a reminder, we are always looking to buy, trade, and repair your turntable. If you are an Iowa artist and would like us to stock your music, please let us know.

vinyl records vinyl records vinyl records

Thank you!

We’d like to extend a big ole high five and thank you to everyone that has stopped in to Analog Vault since opening in October 2016. You’ve more than proved to us the value of this endeavor.

We look forward to working with you in 2017.

– Jim, Jeremy, and Chris